Innovators of personalised gift products
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Product Development

At Mulberry Studios we continue to lead the personalised gift market with our well-known innovative gift products.

All concepts and product designs are started on site by our talented and dedicated product design team in Exeter, UK. Integral to our product development is market research, understanding market trends and predicting the next big seller. With quality and affordability in mind we strive to bring out products that offer value for money and functionality.



Then all our products are produced from scratch with quality and precision by our dedicated factories across the world. All products are tested and certified to meet European and US standard. From there we supply and distribute our products internationally to over 35 countries.


Selling Our Products

When buying into our lines you will quickly discover that quality goes hand in hand with competitive pricing and top selling lines.

Our product range caters for all varieties of businesses including department stores, garden centres, gift shops, visitor attractions, toy stores and much more. All our lines are provided with a display stand which is designed with point of sale to best showcase that line.

If you are interested in stocking any of our lines or would like to get in touch to find out more.